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Hey Guys and Gals,

Did you miss the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter, and you really want to get in on the fun and action! Well good news, I was just told that the Pledge manager is open to all at !

So if you want to get in on the Fallen Frontiers KS, here is your chance.. it wont be open for much longer, so HURRY, dont miss your chance to get these amazing figures and game.

Here take a look at the finished product, all painted up, these are the RIFF…


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Greetings Readers,

I want to apologize for my absence, I have been very busy as of late. A new job has kept me busy and focused. But I have been painting in my spare time, so I hope to sit down and try to get some pictures of the new work. I have new paints as well, I have the full line of Scale Color, by Scale75. Man these paints are awesome. I also made a homemade paint shaker, I need to upload a small video of it for you all to check out. It really works great too! Back on the paints though, if you live in America or Canada, you can get all the Scale75 products in America now from SCALE GAMES LLC. Scale Games will be at GENCON this year at Booth 936… so please go by and check them out.

A friend has commissioned me to paint some 28mm Wild West figures and find a way to magnetize his western buildings, as well as paint them up for a game he is trying to get together for a convention in Colorado. Tacticon I believe it is called. So if you will be up there for that, make sure to look for Clay Claytons Wild West Game.

I will keep this post short and sweet, but please come back later as I hope to have new projects up very soon. Thanks as always for stopping by and seeing what I have to say. Means a lot to me. Be well.


Here are a couple screens of the “Pledge Manager” for the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter. I love the fact that it is graphical and not just some word selection thing, this way you are sure to get the exact items you want. It is also very cool that it gives you a run down of the items you need to select and the number of those items for the level you pledged. Scale Games and Scale75 always go above and beyond. So next week it looks like we will be able to get this wrapped up and then the hard part, waiting till September to get our boxes in the mail!

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Apologies for my absence

Hello readers, I wanted to explain my recent disappearance. I have had a few medical issues recently that have had me in various levels of pain, some I am still undergoing. My doctors and I are trying different medications and treatments to subdue this beast that has me on most days bed ridden unable to function at a normal level. I wanted to give you all a brief explanation and to let you know I will kick this and be back at my paint desk and my keyboard post my projects as before.

On another note Fallen Frontiers was funded.. so Congrats to Scale Games LLC. Look forward to playing FF in the coming year.


Projected data based on day one of the kickstarter;

Here is the actual Kickstarter site:

It all started at high-noon for me at 12:00 mountain time. It was like watching the Space Shuttle take off. The count down in your head, the people all gathered around to see this machine of great power forces itself up up and away breaking the constraints and gravity to achieve orbit. At the very start it was a BOOM and a shake as the dollars flowed in, and then a steady thrust of dollars carried it higher and higher into the sky… cheers from the onlookers and supporters were heard all across the internet. A loud boom was heard and everyone looked up, and it was the booster rockets separating and the cash flow really started to flow now… faster and faster the shuttle rose into the air, then it happened it broke free of the Earths Gravity, it made it.. FUNDED in just 2 and a half hours, and in the next half hour they reached the first stretch goal as the shuttle began its roll over, and are just shy of the second stretch goal and the firing of the shuttles on-board boosters to get into a steady orbit. The Cape cheered as they got the shuttle safely into space, a sigh of relief and some pizza to celebrate a successful launch.

When I was a kid I was taken to White Sands Missile Range where my mother and grandmother worked, I was granted special permission to touch the space shuttle and even allowed inside. The thrill and excitement of that event in my life was matched tonight as I got to witness a dream of a group of people I care about and consider my friends find reality and was achieved.  So for those of you who found out about Fallen Frontiers here, and became supporters and backers, I personally thank you from the deepest parts of my heart. Please tell your friends and have them come in and join us in this great game and miniatures.

I want to also point you all too these fine sites who have articles on the game and miniatures.

Beast Of War –

Tabletop Gaming News –

Also if you don’t get this awesome miniature collector and painter resource you need too, Fallen Frontiers will be featured in the magazine this month and next. “Figure Painter Magazine” is released on the 15th of every month and is a great resource for the collector and painter.

If you have not yet backed, please do so soon, they could really use your support and help unlocking the many cool stretch goals!  See you on the KickStarter!


November 14th 2014, that is this Friday people, Fallen Frontiers reboots with a brand new reorganized Kickstarter. 

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As you recall the game has 4 main factions, The Oh so cool Riff, the Super human-like Ares, the walking dead Harvesters and the human equivalent Sayx. What you may also recall is a 5th unknown race that was to be unlocked before.. I sure hope we get them unlocked this time around, as I have seen 2 sketches of what they will look like and I SO WANT THEM!

They have disclosed the material as Polyurethane Resin and the scale to be 1:48 or better known as O scale. Both of these work for me as I prefer the size, as I find it to be rather easy to locate terrain at my local hobby shop, but they also include terrain in the box so I have something to start with. For those of you who go by the millimeter method of measurement, they are measured at 35mm from the eyes to the sole that is the bottom of the feet for us Americans. Hero’s or main Characters will be slightly larger in scale in the KS boxes, “where they will not be afterwards”, to thank the backers with a special set of Hero miniatures… These will still work well in game as it is just 1mm difference in scale so everything will still be in the same ballpark as far as size goes. Speaking of hero’s, here are pictures of  some now..


FINK DRAAD – One of a few survivors of the attempted extermination by INCRECOM.

Anuncio bitsie

BITSIE – One of 3 Operators that started the Condominium Ares.


SIHLAS FENN – Sgt and leader of the Berserkers.


I have also played the game at GENCON, and from personal experience know the rules to be well done, as well as different from most miniature games I have played. The Cards really add a competitive play style that should be appealing to Card Game players as well as Miniature War-gamer’s. Speaking of playing, the miniatures for this game are spot on, they are a great size, not too large or too small. The detail on them is outstanding. My Buddy at GREEN FAIRY STUDIOS  was given one of the Sihlas Fenn models and is currently painting it.. it is turning out nice, he has a jaguar theme going on. You can follow along on its progress on his facebook site. ( PICTURE OF MODEL – Early Stages )

Here is a sample of the models unassembled.




I am so looking forward to this Friday, aren’t you? For a much more information and a more in-depth accounting of the game and its characters please visit the Official Facebook page here – 

Hello readers, today they released a preview of Bitsie, on the facebook page for Fallen Frontiers. Here is the post and image. ENJOY!

I really like this model, she has sex appeal and yet is not overly sexed up with over sized breast and an exposed mid-drift and little armor. I like the fact this company make real powerful women who are not just sex objects. Much respect for that Scale Games and Scale75. Well don’t let me keep you from the news the posted today..

Greetings Fallen Frontiers Fans!

Today we wanted to share with you Bitsie “Operator 31”, one of the most charismatic and powerful leaders of the ARES Independence. Bitsie is a veteran of the civil war that won the independence of ARES, and she continues to lead them to victory over the many hostile threats that plague them today.

As you can see, we have redesign some aspects of the miniature, as we have done with many of the other miniatures that you will see in future press releases.

We hope you like the new Bitsie and remember that she will be included in the Fallen Frontiers Game Box to lead your ARES troops to victory!

Anuncio bitsie

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