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Problem with True LOS

I am reading this rule book on a game I recently got. I am seeing one major flaw in the game thus far. TRUE LOS ( Line Of Sight ). Here is the problem, unless each model in the game is exactly the same in form there is no real way to balance the game. Static model represent a whirlwind of action taking place… that is these model represent living beings who are moving and not standing in one pose all the time. So if you have a dynamic pose of a guy on a log leaping into the air shooting a bow, and you have a guy sitting cross legged on the ground with his rifle across his his bent legs, you have advantages for the guy sitting since he makes a smaller sight picture than the model all up in the air. This game is wanting to be used for tournaments and I don’t think they really recognize just how abusive and dickish tournament players really can be, and trust me this rule will have players arguing more than playing. It is set up to be abused.

I have been playing these sorta games since the 1970’s and I have plenty of experience with what works and what does not. Now I hear the fan boys now saying I am just hating on the game, they will defend it to the very end, but at the same time it is these individuals that will also abuse the hell out of this rule.

The game is brand new, and we shall see if others come to this same conclusion and if the game company over time addresses the TRUE LOS rules. I hope they find a way to fix them.. because I do enjoy the models and want this game to succeed. 


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