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Image Greetings followers,

I’d like to talk to you today about a game I have really come to love, based so far on the miniatures alone. The game is called Fallen Frontiers, and is being produced by a company by the name of Scale Games, a division of Scale75. You can check out Scale75 here: [ ] you can also check out their web page at this link here; [ ]

I want to start off with the kick starter link, so here it is; [ ]  The Game looks outstanding, and they are in need of support and backers, so I am here as a backer to ask for you for your support. I really think that this game will be worthy of your time and funding. The miniatures are in the 35mm scale, just like the miniatures used in Wild West Exodus, and for me that is a major plus, so much more detail and ease of use on the table. Final Frontiers has starting out 4 factions, Ares, Riffs, Sayx, and the Harvesters.


For you GW fans, the Ares look like a much improved Space Marine type faction, the Riffs, the Space Ork, but with much more class and far better looking, then you have the Space Police in the form of the Sayx, and then you have my favorite the Harvesters, who look like a Matrix meets the Borg faction. All of the armies presented are outstanding and look very sharp.  The Starter box looks very impressive, 2 factions, terrain, dice, rule book, counters and a measuring tape, plus more, check the website or kick starter for more info on the box contents.  I have included a small image of the box contents to the right.

A cool feature of the game is the Game Deck, besides the miniatures that represent their army, players will also have a deck of cards put together by them, that will allow them to get some assistance and change the game style in such a way that enemies won’t be able to guess it at first sight. As players can secretly set up the deck of cards, strategy isn’t revealed at the beginning of the game.There is also a way of gaining equipment during the game, you can get that with Krithium. It is a source of energy that has to be collected in game that enhances teams weapons and cards. The player will have an armory that can be used during the game and that has to be fed with Krithium.

I spoke of the scale of the miniatures above, here is an image they released today that shows a comparison to other well know lines.


The two on the far right are the Fallen Frontier Miniatures, next to it is a Terminator from Warhammer 40K, that should be telling all on its own. Do yourself a favor and check out the web page, the miniatures are of the highest quality, and the game looks very promising, with some interesting ideas on game play. I hope to see some play test rules or some more info on game play to share with you all soon. I am really excited for this game, and I hope it gets funded, so please if you can help I am asking that you back this game today! Thank You!

Again the Kick Starter is –

The Web Page is –

The facebook is –


Comments on: "Fallen Frontiers – Kick Starter" (7)

  1. Hi There. I noticed you commenting a lot on the FF Kickstarter. Just a quick FYI,. these minis will not mix with WWE or Dust, they are too large. The humans are 40mm and up and the other races considerably bigger. The 35mm to the eyes thing is incorrect, the photo you have there proves that. The Terminator is 37mm tall and the humans eyes are above his head even though he is standing on a shallower base.

    Just letting you know that you may be giving a number of people the incorrect information.

    • Thank you, I am only using the information they supply on the website about the models. I never said they would mix with anyone else’s miniatures, only that they are in the same scale, according to the numbers they have posted on the website about scale. As for the Dust stuff, it is more in line with the terrain they have, it should work out well with this game.

      I don’t want to mislead anyone, and if I have I will correct it. Thank you for the tips and concern… I will take it under advisement and check into it.

      • Not a problem, just wasn’t sure if you knew. Like I say, the scale listed on the FF kickstarter is incorrect. The miniatures are all 40mm and above, some are 45mm and above, this means they aren’t the same scale as thinks like WWE and Dust which actually ‘are’ 35mm scale and certainly not the same scale as anything like Infinity or GW. Their scenery will be … possible to use, at best. I’d guess it’d all be too small, doorways would be a problem and barricades would be too low etc. I’d be worried that a lot of the pledgers haven’t realised this because of the misleading ’35mm’ tag.

      • Well GW is not true 28mm either. I am not sure where you get your info or why you want to accuse them of lying about the scale of their miniatures. I think they know the scale of their product better than you do. Considering that the game is not out yet, and what they have shown us are 3D printed for in house use. Scale can be addressed after they are funded. It is very early yet, and we will both have to wait and see what they produce.

        If this is a major concern of yours maybe send them a message and see what they have to say. I am just a fan and a cheer leader of the game wanting to see it come to realization.

        Again thanks for your concern and reply… I would check with the company from this point to make sure they address your concerns.

      • I have no insider info. I’m just going by the photographs shown, they are quite clearly all over 40mm, Scale75 have admitted that. I’m not certain why they originally claimed ’35mm scale’ nor why they still have ’35mm to the eyes’ listed but neither of those is actually correct.

        While they could conceivably make the production mininatures smaller that is not what’s shown and anything smaller will have a corresponding loss of detail. Which is why people tend to show what you actually get for your pledge. Making them 35mm would most definitely not look like the minis shown.

        Like I said, up to you what you do with the info 🙂

      • I have sent them an email of our conversation. And asked that they please clarify the scale for me so I can correct it on my blog. 😉

  2. They posted a set of pictures with different terrain, and I have to say it looks like it works with all of it. So if there were any doubts this should clear them up.

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