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Interview & Other News

I have not been able to sit down and talk with my interviewee yet, as he is quit busy with the Kick Starter he is a part of. I will try to get that done ASAP and get it posted here. But I know he would want you to go check out the Kick Starter he is associated with at –

In Other News, Fallen Frontiers needs more backers, they have made funding and even a couple unlocks have been achieved, but they need your help to take it all the way and over the top. So please if you can help and become a backer even at the smallest pledge level, I beg you to please do. I really believe in this company and its product, and I think it will e something you will enjoy, or I would not be begging you to jump in with me on this kick starter. They just added new unlocks, and other cool add on’s like a new faction and a new vehicle. So go check it out, and please become a backer today!


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