Photo's, Miniatures, and More.. OHMY!

Hello, Today I sit down with my new friend Mohamed. He is the freelance painter and sculptor for Drakery’s Miniature Board Game.


Mohamed wanted to add a introduction and answer some concerns with the material being selected for this project… so here it is: Hi everyone, I have painted miniatures since 2000, I have won a lot of Golden Demon awards, and have placed in many competitions. I have painted many miniatures in this quality of plastic, before you criticize this material, you need to have lots experience in miniature painting. Don’t Worry this is not the same quality of material as used in Relic Knights, its much better, lots of crisp detail. I also sculpt miniatures and approve of this material. I want to say that if we have choose this kind of PVC it’s in order to make of Drakerys a game accessible to everyone, including people without skills for model-making. Like that, we will be able to let our children assemble a miniature without any problem, they will just have to clip the head and arms if they want to change the equipment. The quality will be there all the same and if there wasn’t quality, I shall have simply refuse to participate in this project since I’m a pro painter… Thank you all for your support, and thank you MiC for the opportunity to explain in the interview.

Q:Mohamed, how long have you been painting & sculpting Miniatures?

A: I start paint miniatures something like 10 year ago. 8 years sculpting,  I start with the best teacher a lot of Sculptor from rackham.

Q: What is your job with Don’t Panic Games and Drakery’s Board game? A: Sculptor and painter, freelance.


Q: What about Drakery’s most excites you?

A: The development of the player Community. It “Will BE” an exciting challenge and we can make lot of things with that.

Q: What Miniature do you enjoy the most Painting?

A: The BIG DRAGON! ( I agree buddy, it is very cool )

Q: Why should people Pledge/buy Drakery’s?

A: Because we really need your support !;) and in 15 year’s you CAN say : I was here!

Q: Do you have anything you want to add or say to the people out there?

A: Believe in our project and we are going make you dream !;)

Thanks Mohamed for your time. It was fun to sit down and talk with you. You can see examples of Mohamed’s work at the Drakery’s Kick Starter linked below… or his facebook page also linked below.

Image Image


Comments on: "Interview with Mohamed Ait-mehdi – Drakery’s Studio Painter" (1)

  1. Nice interview. The Kickstarter looks nice enough, even though some of the sculpts are not very dynamic. I can see the Rackham style coming through, however.

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