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Recently I received my Relic Knights kick starter a year or so late. Prior to my shipment arriving, pictures started to surface of miniatures with no faces, and that sent me and many others into a panic. You see we have been told one thing or another for the last year or so about why the delays were taking place, a couple of the reasons were for quality control, to be sure to deliver a “HIGH” quality product, and to be sure to have the mold line issue resolved. Now Maybe I am a fool for expecting HIGH quality to be as an example Wild West Exodus quality. If you have seen the models from Outlaw Miniatures for Wild West Exodus, you would go WOW these are some really nice miniatures, I would even say “HIGH” quality! That is not what Soda Pop and Cool Mini Or Not delivered. I think what most upsets me though is the lies and deceit on the part of Cool Mini Or Not, and to a lessor degree Soda Pop Miniatures. Soda Pop should of had a press release and come clean with the lack in quality, and with the issues and problems that caused them to split with Cool Mini Or Not ( CMON ), severing their partnership on Relic Knights. Now I have to admit my Expectations were high, then shot low by the many images that were being released and the lack of any communication. So when I got my order in, and I started to inspect my many models, I was actually kinda surprised. They were not what I had expected. I really thought I was going to get blobs of plastic with no faces. Now I must admit the females in the set have very round and soft Anime style faces, a novice miniature painter would have great difficulty with these miniatures. The models are not as bad as I thought, and many paint up really nice. But there is another issue to consider… There are no instructions for any of the models. I go back to Wild West Exodus ( WWX ) again, they too shipped without any instructions, but then again they were also not in retail packages, but WWX did in fact put on their web page assembly instructions resolving the issue of not having any, I have not yet seen Soda Pop do the same. Also another pet peeve I have, is I received my shipment with no packing list to check and be sure I received my whole shipment. When asked I get no response, or told to check my Pledge Manager, but there is another problem for some odd reason Kick Starter no longer has my pledge manager, so if I was shorted something I have no way of telling, and no one seems willing to help of address the matter.  Lastly, for a Kickstarter that made over a million dollars, why they went with Restic, is beyond my comprehension. These miniatures should of been Resin or HIPS plastic. Someone made out like a bandit and delivered a sub par product that I fear will end up killing this game before it arrives.. and that is quite sad, because the rules are well written and the game is actually really fun. But for Miniature Enthusiast, such as myself, the figures just don’t measure up. The BIG rule book is well done, and on nice paper, and full color through out. I give them props on the big rule book.

I will admit to one thing I really like about these miniatures, and that is the way they cut them and the connections to join parts together.. That was done outstandingly. WWX I curse every time I have to remove a model from the sprue, they put the damn joints or connecting parts on the sprue making it difficult to clip off correctly and then glue together, lots of extra cleaning and care has to be given to then. there are also lots of mold lines on the Relic Knights models, so there is a lot of cleaning to be done on them as well, and tales of bloody fingers and bandaged hands are starting to fill the forums with the difficulty in cleaning restic plastic. 

Over all was Relic Knights what I expected, no. Was it pure crap, no. Am I satisfied with what I got, not entirely, but I can live with it. My wife really likes the models and the game, my 2 sons as well. My wife claimed the Doctrine, and cleaned them all up, and I painted them for her. So if they are happy I am happy, and now we have a tabletop game we all can enjoy together,  it also brings my kids and wife into the hobby I have enjoyed since I was a kid. After all that is what matters for me anyways, bonding and happiness with my family. Thanks for reading my rant.. here is a crappy picture I took with my phone of the Relic Knight Doctrine Models I have done so far for my wife. ENJOY!



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  1. Sad to read the Kickstarter did not work out as you hoped, but the miniatures look ok and you painted them up nicely. I am also glad to read that your family enjoys the models. That is indeed the most important part.

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