Photo's, Miniatures, and More.. OHMY!


Projected data based on day one of the kickstarter;

Here is the actual Kickstarter site:

It all started at high-noon for me at 12:00 mountain time. It was like watching the Space Shuttle take off. The count down in your head, the people all gathered around to see this machine of great power forces itself up up and away breaking the constraints and gravity to achieve orbit. At the very start it was a BOOM and a shake as the dollars flowed in, and then a steady thrust of dollars carried it higher and higher into the sky… cheers from the onlookers and supporters were heard all across the internet. A loud boom was heard and everyone looked up, and it was the booster rockets separating and the cash flow really started to flow now… faster and faster the shuttle rose into the air, then it happened it broke free of the Earths Gravity, it made it.. FUNDED in just 2 and a half hours, and in the next half hour they reached the first stretch goal as the shuttle began its roll over, and are just shy of the second stretch goal and the firing of the shuttles on-board boosters to get into a steady orbit. The Cape cheered as they got the shuttle safely into space, a sigh of relief and some pizza to celebrate a successful launch.

When I was a kid I was taken to White Sands Missile Range where my mother and grandmother worked, I was granted special permission to touch the space shuttle and even allowed inside. The thrill and excitement of that event in my life was matched tonight as I got to witness a dream of a group of people I care about and consider my friends find reality and was achieved.  So for those of you who found out about Fallen Frontiers here, and became supporters and backers, I personally thank you from the deepest parts of my heart. Please tell your friends and have them come in and join us in this great game and miniatures.

I want to also point you all too these fine sites who have articles on the game and miniatures.

Beast Of War –

Tabletop Gaming News –

Also if you don’t get this awesome miniature collector and painter resource you need too, Fallen Frontiers will be featured in the magazine this month and next. “Figure Painter Magazine” is released on the 15th of every month and is a great resource for the collector and painter.

If you have not yet backed, please do so soon, they could really use your support and help unlocking the many cool stretch goals!  See you on the KickStarter!


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