Photo's, Miniatures, and More.. OHMY!

My Apologies

Greetings Readers,

I want to apologize for my absence, I have been very busy as of late. A new job has kept me busy and focused. But I have been painting in my spare time, so I hope to sit down and try to get some pictures of the new work. I have new paints as well, I have the full line of Scale Color, by Scale75. Man these paints are awesome. I also made a homemade paint shaker, I need to upload a small video of it for you all to check out. It really works great too! Back on the paints though, if you live in America or Canada, you can get all the Scale75 products in America now from SCALE GAMES LLC. Scale Games will be at GENCON this year at Booth 936… so please go by and check them out.

A friend has commissioned me to paint some 28mm Wild West figures and find a way to magnetize his western buildings, as well as paint them up for a game he is trying to get together for a convention in Colorado. Tacticon I believe it is called. So if you will be up there for that, make sure to look for Clay Claytons Wild West Game.

I will keep this post short and sweet, but please come back later as I hope to have new projects up very soon. Thanks as always for stopping by and seeing what I have to say. Means a lot to me. Be well.



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