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Steam Wars 3

Howdy again pardners,

I posted about this a week or so past.

They have just reached the 7th stretch goal, that gives a 10% discount on all Scale75 products in the shop for a year, so if you back now you know you are also getting a great discount for a year on all the groovy stuff you would be buying anyways. Not to mention all the other cool things that are already unlocked. If you help them reach 15k that discount jumps up 5% for a cool 15% savings off everything in the store for a year!

They also wanted to offer a 35mm version of the figures for the Wild West Exodus crowd, so if you like the smaller versions I would jump on them now!

The Models are very well done, with lots of fine detail. So if you can back this awesome social funding campaign however you can, it would mean a lot to me. THANK YOU!

I should also point out that if you have not tried scale color yet and have been wanting too, this is a perfect time to back this campaign and get some paint sets, they are at a great savings, so are the 75mm miniatures, so this would be a great time to get them. As always thank you for the support.


Hello Everyone,

This morning the Scale Games guys announced the launch month for the reboot of Fallen Frontiers.Here it the image they used. ENJOY!




What I have here will cure all disease, and will be sure to please even the shrewdest of the shrewd. Cowboys and Hall Girls, Children and old people alike all can benefit from my magical and exotic product I have here before you. Better than any Snake oil I have sold you before.. this is a real deal, so come one and come all, and join us on this exotic project, our biggest Steam Wars kit to date!


GOING WEST, the newest and exciting addition to the Steam Wars world. This scene has been painstakingly 3D sculpted to be of the highest quality. The train has over 70 resin and metal pieces alone. This is a kit you must have! So please join me and others in backing this outstanding project. There are many ways to support this project so please join me… I thank you.


So are you ready for Fallen Frontiers? Jorge from Scale75 released two big cats out of the bag on the Fallen Frontiers Support Group on facebook the other day.

1: It will be Kick Starter

2: Launch in November.

When asked why not October as projected, the answer was due to the process of opening a business in the USA so the KS could be run in US Dollars and for other business offering in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, we had to reschedule our original plan. But we are on tract now.

They urge you to start watching the Official Facebook webpage for Fallen Frontiers for news and updates that will start coming out here shortly on a weekly or bi-weekly format.


Want to have a unique Miniature, and have a couple 6 sided dice that go along with him? I know I do and that is why I backed the Kickstarter. What was an add on for an ambitious project to bring a kick ass game Convention to Southern California that did not quite make its goal on KickStarter has become its very own project and the best news it is already funded.. so you are guaranteed to get your very cool miniature and dice should you pledge the small amount of 20 U.S. dollars. THAT’S RIGHT! just TWENTY U.S. DOLLARS! Do I need to repeat that again.. that is a fantastic deal for a very unique miniature that comes with 2 matching dice. Be the Envy of your game store, or better yet tell them about it and get them involved so they too can have this awesome kick ass Ogre model and dice in their collection.

Stretch goals include some awesome add-on’s, like the community selected model pictured below.



So get over to KICKSTARTER, and help support a great idea, and get a cool limited edition miniature with matching dice for just 20 U.S. dollars.

Fallen Frontiers – UPDATE

Next week sometime, I will be having a Skype call with the Fallen Frontiers Project Manager to discuss many things concerning the project… one of those things is when and how do we plan to release info on the project. Many of you may not know but I am the new Community Manager for Fallen Frontiers and the General Manager for Scale Games USA.. this has all come about recently.

What is Scale games USA? Scale75 has decided to open a US Warehouse and distribution point  to supply the USA, Mexico, and Canada. This will allow us to offer our great products to stores and consumers in these great untapped markets. It will also allow us to save on shipping cost when Fallen Frontiers is live. We will still maintain a EU warehouse, so don’t worry our European customers we will always love you. So if you are in one of these 3 new markets and have not had the opportunity to try our Scale Color or our new awesome and high quality paint brushes, not to mention seen our outstanding line of 75mm miniatures, you will be able too soon. Make sure to let your hobby shops and games stores know so they can keep in stock our outstanding products for you.

If you have questions you need me to ask, please list them below.. and I will be sure to try and get the information you need or want. We have a facebook group where a few of the members have already given me some great questions to ask the Project Manager for Fallen Frontiers. If you want to check out the group here is a link

Please add your concerns and questions in the comments section. Thanks.

So I have this idea to do a game convention again. I did 6 game convention s in the 90’s. This one more focused on Miniature War games, there for the name AMINICON, it is a play on AMERICA, and it also describes the idea of the convention as simple as I can, A MINIATURE CONVENTION = AMINICON. Sure I can have areas for open gaming and areas for Card Tournaments as well. But the main focus would be Miniature War Games and Miniature Painting.

As for when this will take place I have not yet decided, but I am leaning towards October. El Paso TX is lovely in October, not too hot, not too cold, the wet weather of the monsoons has pretty much passed us by so it is not humid either. And honestly I don’t know of any major events in the month of October I would have to compete with.

I am looking for Volunteers who can help with a mascot, an idea for the painting competition trophy, I was thinking the Sammy, as a play on Uncle Sam. But That is just my first idea, and would love suggestions. I also need volunteers who can help with the convention its self once I get it going. Also if you know any artist who can donate some art design for the mascot that would be awesome.

So what are your thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

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